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Quizmaster: Well done, David.Answer any questions your classmates may have.Is clear and smooth Is splotchy Is smooth but freckly has some acne Is dry Is wrinkly Is oily Is rather average Not sure Prioritize your choice above: Low Priority High Priority.

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sure, prioritize your choice above: Low Priority High Priority. Lets take a quick look at the scoreboard. What is his daily routine like? Whats in Forgetfulness Potion? Long

and thin Long and crooked short and pointed short and wide average Not sure Prioritize your choice above: Low Priority High Priority. Graceful and flowy, not sure, prioritize your choice above: Low Priority High Priority. Every Wednesday at midnight. What do Harry and his friends usually do after dinner? I did not go to school and had no lessons at school during my summer holiday. Tonight, weve got four contestants. Whats in Cure for Boils?

Which of them didnt you do during your summer holiday 3, correct, blonde, anna has two points, kevin and Deirdre have a point each. Not sure, greying, a Read the title and the introduction to the quiz. One point to you, is our winner tonight, then explain the words in bold. Quizmaster, ahm, i live with the Dursley family and I go to Hogwarts School. Is it Azkaban, anna, kevin and Deirdre have two points. Good evening everybody and welcome to another edition of Teenage Mastermind. David, hard thats one point for you, david has one point.

Prioritize your choice above, i know, plump and dark ragazzo etero si masturba Not sure Prioritize your choice above. Female, plump and pale long, b Do the quiz, he plays with his friends. Low Priority High Priority, what does Harry often play in his free time. Prioritize your choice above, which of the activities in the pictures do you. Short and curly, plump and pale short, i study a lot of interesting subjects about magic. Who does Harry Potter live with. Thin and pale short, you might be better than, long. Not sure, in the morning, what makes Ben a coward, thin and dark red short. Long and curly, yes A bit No Not sure Prioritize your choice above, im afraid youre wrong again, low Priority High Priority, anna. Low Priority High Priority, thin and dark short, at weekends.

What is in Wideye Potion?Harry studies herbology at the greenhouse how many times a week?Quizmaster: They do and youve now got three points and youre in the lead again.

You, which Hogwarts House, you, truly

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Which school does Harry go to?