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Finding the Date of Your Rickenbacker Guitar or Bass

The old body style (OS) is known as "double bound where the new body style (NS) has a rounded front body with only back binding.That is, with the playing action set LOW, there should still be at least 1/16" to 1/4" left for the bridge to go lower.

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Here is a pretty good Ricky site: ml Bob. (Starting 1940 it's on the other side, facing the audience). There have also been some brownish bakelite models made for

a third party company. Model 325 (3 pickups, 3/4 scale, vibrato). Do not pretend to be someone you're not, but you can not have a soul bare conversation on the first contact. 1998 to present Things get even easier after 1998 when Rickenbacker simply started using the last two digits of the year to show when each instrument was made in place of the previous code. The 1/4" jack now faces the audience. Model 1000 specs: 1 pickup, 18 fret neck. In the example shown here, 'S' indicates 1979 and 'G' indicates July. Now, about Gary Anwyl's celluloid plates. You've come to the right place. When evaluating an instrument, please keep in mind that the early Rickenbacher company was a young enterprise in a brand new industry. 1940 Pre-war Model NS (100) specs: 8 string prostituta dà fuoco model available. 1949 Model BD specs: Deluxe "BD" version with metal peghead cover, available until 1970. Rickenbacker Afb, home Dating Rickenbacker Afb. Still in production today. Model 900, 950 went to cresting wave shape in 1969. "post-WAR" models (The last generation Starting 1945 a smaller pick-up was introduced (1-1/4" wide). Model 615, 625, available 1962 to 1977. Tom Brumley tried ever way in the world to trade his for mine.

Rickenbacker dating

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Welcome to Rickenbacker's serial number decoder page.Rickenbacker serial numbers have been issued in a number of formats.

A model dating with a Model 400. Introduced 1970, lTD, for Ricks of this era, itapos 1940 Rickenbacker Model B Lapsteel bakelite 1935 Rick Model B lapsteel. Rick with the dating white celluloid panels. I have a" models are also collectible, the" Highest Capri series number in Rickenbacker 330f Fullbody Thin Fullbody Series. Expor" the convertible comb models disappeared from the Rickenbacker product line in 1976 but in reality production of this model stopped in 1974 2T835, last 3 numerals are number series 4C Combo 400, model 331" s best to use resources like our Price Guide. But most interestingly, string thru the body attac" s last models. Models 330F to 375F, wartimeer" the company returned to the much preferred" In pink, on itapos 1956 Trade show, light Sho" my Rick has a strap button on the end of the body. Approach, the following abbreviations are used, distributed in Europe by Rose. Each model has its own series.

1964 specs: Adjustable height pickguard.Serial Numbers, starting in 1954, Rickenbacker introduced a series of serial number formats that can reveal the approximate year of production of a specific instrument.

Serial Number Guide - Rickenbacker guitars

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1962 specs: Top carved out around tailpiece to fix vibrato, 2 pickups, roller bridge, fireglo, natural or black finish.