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Osteoporosis : Practice Essentials, Background, Pathophysiology

In osteoporosis, the bones are porous and brittle, whereas in osteomalacia, the bones are soft.There are a number of scientific studies proving that prolonged intake of calcium and vitamin D for prevention reduces the risk of osteoporosis.It is the General aging of a person is the cause of decrease in bone strength in old age; glucocorticoid osteoporosis develop in patients receiving long-term treatment with glucocorticoids hormones of the adrenal cortex and their synthetic analogs, one of the side effects which.

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via increased production of transforming growth factor (TGF)beta. Other risk factors : Whites / Asians, smoking, alcohol abuse. At the moment, because of the femoral neck fractures osteoporosis

is the fourth leading cause of death of people in the world (giving the palm only vascular diseases, Oncology, diabetes). 25 In the past decade, the Wnt signaling cascade has been recognized as a critical regulator of bone metabolism. PTH is secreted in response to low serum calcium levels. Advertisement, cite this page: Osteoporosis. Additional causes of secondary osteoporosis include: Types of Osteoporosis Article Continues on Next Page). This system of horizontal cross-bracing trabeculae assists in supporting the vertical elements, thus limiting lateral bowing and fractures that may occur with vertical loading. A change in eitherthat is, increased bone resorption or decreased bone formationmay result in osteoporosis. Security studies is so high that ultrasound densitometry may be performed for both children and pregnant women. Quantitative assessment of bone density is the main in the diagnosis of osteoporosis. Bone man is a complex network of interconnected and overlapping bone beams, the direction and strength which can resist mechanical loads acting on the bone as a whole (the weight of the bones and muscles, weight of internal organs and external loads, load due. It is enough to perform thyroid ultrasound and pass a basic set of tests (usually for the first examination enough to donate blood for TSH, T4 St, antibodies to thyroid peroxidase). Few people know, but osteoporosis is now the fourth leading cause of death among people it is second only to cardiovascular diseases, tumours and diabetes. If x-ray densitometry conducted x-rays of bones in a standard point (usually the standard three points: the neck of the femur, lumbar spine, and radial bone). Bisphosphonates for osteoporosis the main strike force of doctors, due to their efficacy and safety. Nevertheless, hereditary factors play the principal role in determining an individual's peak bone strength. For this study invented a special term densitometry,.e. Studies have shown that bone loss in women accelerates rapidly in the first years after menopause. In a nutshell, the densitometry allows to completely solve the problem of diagnosis of osteoporosis, with any method densitometry is cheap, painless, accurate. Types of Osteoporosis: An Introduction, there are two main types of osteoporosis : primary and secondary. Ultrasound densitometry to determine density is used superficially located bones the phalanges, the radius bone in the forearm, the anterior surface of the tibia, V metatarsal bone in the foot. It is the ease of occurrence of fractures is the primary risk for osteoporosis because fractures can be associated with particularly important bone structure of the human body the spine, femoral neck. Fractures lead to the immobilization of the patient, which in old age is fraught with significant number of complications from the appearance of bedsores before the development of congestive pneumonia that can be life-threatening. Estrogen deficiency leads to increased expression of rankl by osteoblasts and decreased release of OPG; increased rankl results in recruitment of higher numbers of preosteoclasts as well as increased activity, vigor, and lifespan of mature osteoclasts. The main source of vitamin D in the body is fish (or fish oil). Both types of osteoporosis are treatable and can occur in both men and women. Osteoporosis can be caused both by a failure to build bone and reach peak bone mass as a young adult and by bone loss later in life.

Therefore satisfying the bodys needs for calcium is met by stocks held in the bones 23, bone mass peaks around the third decade of life and slowly decreases afterward. Also the reason its occurrence may be insufficient intake in the bones of calcium salts in this case. The disadvantage densitometry of CT is the increased radiation load on chat roma gratis senza registrazione the patients body. Osteoporosis versus osteomalacia Osteoporosis may be confused with osteomalacia. Thrombosis, due to postmenopausal condition, osteoclast, it is important to understand that following the fracture of the spine or the femoral neck stiffness in a significant number of cases ends with pressure sores. Also the cause of its development may be prolonged deficiency of calcium and vitamin D in the diet this will disturb the intake of calcium in the blood. Are responsible for bone formation see the images below.

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Each of them independently performs ultrasound densitometry and independently performs ultrasound of the thyroid gland. In the lumbar region, osteoporosis, that is why the only effective method of treatment of osteoporosis is early diagnosis and combined conservative therapy is the only way to avoid development of fractures. Which allows for a long time to simulate normal ovarian function and to reduce the risks associated with the fading of the natural hormonal function of the. Must know how italiana to treat osteoporosis and to determine the tactics of examination and also decide which specialists should be consulted if necessary. One physician should be chief must be a conductor of the orchestra.

Women were categorized as untreated, current high adherence users medication possession ratio (MPR).80 in the year after BMD testing, current low adherence users (MPR.80 and past users.Folk remedies for violation of bone density was used because before the invention of densitometry and people did not know that bone density may decrease!The cause of secondary osteoporosis can be diseases such as diabetes mellitus, malignant tumors, chronic kidney disease with development of renal failure, some lung diseases, thyrotoxicosis (excessive thyroid function hypothyroidism (reduced thyroid function chronic hepatitis, adenoma of the parathyroid gland (primary hyperparathyroidism).

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The endocrinologist may prescribe hormone replacement therapy during menopause, normalize thyroid function, prescribe bisphosphonates and calcium supplements for osteoporosis.