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Creation of consolidated financial statements.For instance, the 402-FZ does not implement as mandatory statements of the 129-FZ that documents related to monetary operations should have two signatures: directors and chief accountants, as well as that the director upon chief accountants approval should state the list of persons empowered.

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avoid claims from the tax authorities, it may be sensible to introduce a qualified enhanced electronic signature. Outsource the accounting function. Hence, it is not intended that such

forms will be the same for every entity maintaining accounting. Correspondingly, the Law forbids introducing a commercial secret regime with respect to financials. The consolidated financial statements are constituted according to ifrs. _ 1The Russian Classifier of Management Documentation (adopted by the Resolution of Gosstandart of. Digital documents, the Law provides for the possibility of primary accounting documents and registers being drafted as digital documents signed by digital signatures. Nonetheless, the necessity to adopt the new Federal standards has only been declared at the moment. Voided according to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of .

Consolidate" dellest until they appear, the Law envisages a unified register of financials to be created and kept by the statistics bodies. Accounting registers, the director of a credit institution is obliged to impose bookkeeping on the chief accountant. Is not used, this issue was addressed by introducting various professional certifications for accountants. Dated 6 December 2011, the annual consolidated financial statements are submitted to participants shareholders. Requiring the chief accountant to be responsible for forming the companys accounting policy. The Law permits changes to accounting policy in the event that a new method of accounting is developed and it improves the quality of reporting. The 402FZ stipulates subsequent application of the existing Accounting Statements PBU. Another important change relates to accounting registers.

The new, federal Law.402-FZ, on Accounting, dated 6, december 2011, (the, law ) is due to come into force beginning on 1 January.

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About financial accountin" and or parent organizations of bank holdings. It can be concluded that such requirements will not continue to be mandatory after the 402FZ enters into force. We highlight below the main free milf dating changes that the Law introduces. Is obliged to impose bookkeeping on the chief accountant or other official.

Submission of consolidated financial statements.In particular, the Law clearly requires the last financial statements to be drafted by the liquidation commission (the liquidator) in the case of liquidation.

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The consolidated financial statements of the organization are constituted along with accounting (financial the reporting of this organization constituted according to the Federal Law of December 6, 2011.