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Richard Carleton Hacker literally allowed his dinner to get cold one evening while he answered my many questions.Naturally, there are exceptions to these rules (this hobby would be boring without them but for the most part these guidelines apply better than 95 of the time.

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nothing of the presence of puttymake it easy to spot a Post-Transition Sasieni. This system changed little if at all in the ensuing thirty years. The following article is

from Stephen. Needless to say, these pipes could be enjoyed by anyone who simply wanted a smaller, slimmer pipe, as the finishes were exactly the same as the rest of the Sasieni line. One Dots are the European One Dots made in the 30s and 40s. All these changes seem to have been made in the years between 19Therefore a pipe with new style dots and old style stamping almost certainly has a replacement stem. These pipes are both strikingly handsome and maddeningly elusive, due to the fact only 100 (or so, accounts differ) were ever made. Here you just have to know incontri your patent numbers and hope for the best, bearing in mind virtually any pre war Sasieni is collectible. Not surprisingly, this was reflected in the quality of the pipes made during these different times. Probably the most feared aberration in our neatly constructed Sasieni universe is the European One Dot. Through the post war years, Sasieni added shapes and lines. Just when I think Ive got it all figured out, Ill talk to another collector, or read another magazine article, or come across some bit of long hidden information, and be forced to reconsider my ideas.

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Alfred Sasieni continued to run the company prosperously until 1979. This spirit of cooperation between the old dai and new owners does not appear to have lasted long. Proved a calcola worthy successor to his fathers business. Even in this soft Sasieni market. When he sold out to another firm. These pipes regularly sell for 150 in their rare appearances in mailers.

Being removed periodically by a factory worker. First, and they formed an equilateral rather than an elongated diamond. Where it, this is dating sasieni pipes the easiest way to spot a PostTransition Sasieni.

They featured superb wood, flawless bowls, outstanding smoking qualities, and a styling that was uniquely theirs.1920's 1-dot in pristine condition.Jim answered many questions concerning the inner workings of the Sasieni pipe, describing in almost torturous detail the steps involved in creating the Eight Dot stem.

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For all that, it is rare to find a an original Sasieni bit in which the dots are even the slightest bit off.