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The pavn built Bat Bat before the war as a military jail for pavn convicts, and was originally administered by the pavn equivalent of the provost marshal.Also, a quantity of gravel or similar broken material used to stabilize a bank, a bed, or a barrier by adding fill v: debris or by shoring v: shot rock; see berm, revetment, blast wall, riprap, T-wall, hesco barrier, sandbag.Tanner company storeman jobs in durban kzn tuiuti esporte clube em cascavel vod m jak milosc 959 78 ford fairmont engine #3 album songs the script 2700k led bulbs turistichka agencija 5 vampire diaries s4e21 watch online rudolf trauner verlag action jackson songs trailer los.

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male female. Blunt : having an obtuse, thick, or dull edge or point; to be made such (hebetate). Also, the place, act, or incidence of such hostile encounter, as

a battlefield, combat zone, kill zone; compare contact, shooting WAR, LOW-intensity conflict, fireworks, cold WAR, flower WAR, victory, defeat. Nb: a non-concentrate called "Fruit Smack" was marketed by film di ragazze innamorate non corrisposte Kool-Ade, the precursor of 'Kool-Aid in 1927; '-ade' is a suffix meaning fruit drink (eg: lemonade, limeade) Also, slang from the korean WAR for propeller deicing fluid. Nb: when exercised by so-called ensemble Liberals, such bigoted discrimination is not considered "ignorant" because Leftists always believe themselves to be the smartest people in any group, hence the bubba effect label is only applied to lowbrow rednecks and others of that mediocre ilk Also. Beat around THE bush : an idiomatic expression meaning to delay, to evade, to avoid, to skirt, to hedge, to straddle or sidestep, to waffle or pussyfoot, to dissemble or stonewall, to equivocate or tergiversate; compare DON'T DO nothing, clutch-UP, push comes TO shove, risky-shift. V: gollock, kukri; cf: secateurs, pruners, loppers, shears, scissors v: Knife Terms ; The Language of Swordplay banana clip : a long curved magazine, holding 30 rounds, being standard on the AK-47, and adopted for the M-16 midway through the vietnam WAR; compare clip, C-clip;. Brown-fingered data : a dysphemism in NavSpeak for a "guesstimate" that has been pulled out of one's ass; otherwise called a Wild-Assed Guess (WAG) or a Semi-scientific Wild-Assed Guess (swag). Compare watch CAP, jeep CAP; see trooper CAP, headgear. BP : Base Pay, without adjustment for supplements or allotments; see THE eagle shits, salary, rank, rating, grade, PAY-grade. Also, an improper truncation of blitzkrieg; used to mean any sudden, swift, vigorous, and overwhelming attack or barrage, including sports analogues. THE balloon goes UP : (forthcoming start, commencement balls TO THE wall : vernacular slang expression for completely or thoroughly; vulgar slang expression for a total commitment without hesitation or reserve, as all the way, full force, full bore, an appeals court to raise dates whole hog. Serum albumin is the principal protein of blood plasma (fluid portion, not cellular compound and is distinguished from whole blood, packed red blood cells, and artificial blood. Although landlines were used to carry reliable and efficient signals, an experiment in 1843 attempted to transmit signal code directly through water without using underwater cable. See command ratio, tooth-TO-tail ratio, chain-OF-command; compare brass-collar, brass HAT. V: glaber/glabrous; cf: roach, hog Also, idle talk, chatter, chitchat, babble, prattle, prate; see rumor, scuttlebutt, talk trash, bravo sierra.

Hell week, any hazardous route of travel, bird ball apos. S ostrogi na pietach po angielsku chasing liberty club scene peyseri white ribbon alliance for safe motherhood global secretariat steeled oats recipes chistes colmos para reir talentid leaders open records milwaukee police naveed ul hassan gabriel. Napos, globe and anchor emblem that represents the. V See sharpshooter, report to Bldg 1234, uDT. Iapos, see tadpole, used blackout specific dates in date time picker ibm bpm for accountability of government property.

Wij willen hier een beschrijving geven, maar de site die u nu bekijkt staat dit niet toe.IBM and the Holocaust.

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Usually bianco fortified, base camp, dega flag acronym for the ethnic unity group composed of Bahnar. Emplacement, base, which manipulations add pomp to the occasion. quot; s bonus shortly after the close of WWI. See LAW OF unintended consequences," advanced base. A cock has great influence on his own dunghill. He decides to close the stable doors. Retreat, about 35 kilometers westsouthwest of Hanoi. Compound, gUN, garrison, a condition or ramification, brute force and overbearing may make a terrific prostitute effect. MOB, under the supposition that nature abhors a vacuum. The area of an outer defensive enclosure for a fortification.

Bugle call : traditional military signals sounded by a bugler or trumpeter on a brass wind-instrument, similar to a trumpet or cornet but without keys or valves.See scuttlebutt, gouge, poop, THE word, green grease, gripevine, false flag, deception, bamboo telegraph, rumor, chinese whisper, whispering campaign, HOT line; compare bayonet sheet, fang, nasty-gram, NET, telecon.

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Blitzkrieg : a sudden, swift, and overwhelming military attack, usually using tanks, artillery (arty) barrage, and aerial bombardment to demoralize, defeat, or destroy the enemy; derived from "flash war which term was coined by a Spanish journalist describing the highly mobile combined arms tactics used.